What Is the SAM-SD

The SAM-SD, short for the Scott Alan Miller Storage Device*, is an approach to open storage design using enterprise hardware and software to produce high quality and highly flexible storage options for both the SMB as well as the enterprise market.

The SAM-SD is not a product per se but rather an approach. And not a new approach but a tried and true enterprise approach, the same approaches used to tackle file serving for decades and the same approaches used for other server side applications and needs. But doing so in a focused and targeted way. Storage often gets treated as unique and confusion is common, often with opponents referring to standard enterprise server builds as “DIY” in order to discredit the concept – even though this would discredit all servers anywhere.

So what does it take to be a SAM-SD?

  • A dedicated storage server or device as the intended result. (File Server / NAS / SAN / DAS / Object Storage)
  • Enterprise class hardware, the same as you would use for any enterprise class server.
  • Enterprise Open Storage software and OS, no proprietary software or closed systems that you do not control.
  • Commodity design.

*No, SAM himself did not name the device!